3m-12m Grow with me Romper custom print

3m-12m Grow with me Romper custom print

Grow with me overall rompers are a cute addition to your childs wardrobe. They last through several growth spurts which is fantastic considering how fast kids grow! These amazing rompers feature:Grow-with-me ankle cuffs, inside ties and snaps to last longerHarem style to give lots of diaper bum room suitable for cloth or disposables Gender-neutral cut that is also great for potty trained children  Size 3m-12m and 12m-3t availableNote: the unicorn print is lighter a weight, therefore it has a slight price reduction. 
  • Washing

    Machine wash cold inside out with like fabrics and colors 

    Hang Dry 

    All fabrics have been perviously washed and dried on hot and high heat to help prevent shrinkage or warping.

  • Sizes

    3m-12m shoulder to ankle full length:25" scrunched length: 18" 

    12m-3t Shoulder to ankle full length: 32: Scrunched length: 23"




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